Mazda Shift Knobs

Shift knobs are also known as stick shift knobs, gear shift knobs, or gear knobs. They are the surface between the driver's hand and the stick shift. The surface of the shift knob can wear out pretty quickly because of how often you use it when you are engaging gears. This is especially true for manual transmission vehicles where you have to constantly shift as you drive. That being said, you may want to change the knob if it has started to crack or fade. If you want to decorate the interior of your Mazda, changing out the shift knob is also one way to do that. There are many different styles of shift knobs out there that will change the look of your interior. Shift knobs can also be either weighted or unweighted. The additional weight with certain knobs allows smoother transitions from one gear to the next, allowing you to use less effort when putting your car into gear. The weighted shift knob enables smooth shifting due to the extra kinetic energy it provides. When replacing this part, make sure you're looking at OEM shift knobs that are made from quality materials. Find the best choice from the huge selection of genuine Mazda gear knobs here on our webstore.

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