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Mazda OEM Roof Racks

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Are you an avid camper, sports enthusiast, or do you simply love to travel? Not all luggage or cargo can fit inside your vehicle's trunk or backseats. For this reason, you need to install a roof rack, which is made up of several bars that are mounted onto the roof of your car. It allows you to carry various bulky items like skis, bicycles, canoes, and surfboards, among other things. If you try to fit these things inside the car, you may run out of space for passengers - or they might not fit at all. Roof racks enable you to travel comfortably with your passengers without compromising the interior space you have. They also can help prevent damage or wear and tear from occurring to your trunk or backseat from loading and unloading. Make sure that you purchase a heavy-duty roof rack made for the type of roof your Mazda has. Although roof racks come in different designs for various roof types, they all feature aerodynamic profiles and are made of lightweight materials, so they won't damage your roof. When you've decided to invest in a roof rack, go for an original OEM roof rack that has passed quality checks. Check out our large selection of genuine Mazda roof racks below and have your selection shipped straight to you.

Rear Seal
Part Number: NE51-51-RC2A
Positions: Left, Right
Other Names: Protector Roof Rack More Names
Replaces: NE51-51-RC2
  • Mazda:
    • MX-5 Miata
MSRP $10.99
MSRP $10.99

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