Door Sills

A door sill is a horizontal metallic plate found underneath the door of your car. It offers support to the frame of the door while protecting it from physical corrosion and abrasion. Door sills help to protect your vehicle's frame and prevent it from sagging. They also give you solid footing, ensuring that you have ample support when climbing in and out of your Mazda. For this reason, they are often grooved or textured. That being said, your door sills are important components. Since these plates are highly prone to wear and tear, mainly due to their positioning, ensure that you replace them if the damage has become excessive. Ensure regular maintenance of all four door sills in your Mazda. Cracks and other scratches can start to build up and cause problems with closing the doors, or decrease traction so getting in and out of your vehicle becomes more difficult. If your door sills are still in good condition, you can be preventative and install door sill protectors over your original ones. This will help prevent permanent damage from occurring. You can also choose to upgrade your door sills to have them match the look of your vehicle better. When you determine that you need a new set of OEM door sills or protectors, shop from our selection for Mazda models from our site below.

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