Brake Rotors

There are several components in your car's braking system, and each performing a unique and important role. One of the most easily recognized is the brake rotors. Also referred to as brake discs due to their circular shape, brake rotors play a vital role in your car's braking system. In essence, these are the components that your brake pads press against to create the friction needed to slow down and eventually stop your vehicle. In normal braking, there is usually high pressure, tension, and friction involved. Servicing is required to reduce damage and keep them in proper working order. To know whether you need to replace your Mazda's brake rotors, pay attention to vibrations stemming from your brakes. In some cases, you can feel these vibrations through the steering wheel or in the pedal. Have an experienced mechanic check the entire braking system. If there are screeching noises when you step on the brake pedal, there is a sign of trouble. Similarly, score marks and grooves on the rotors signify tear and wear due to friction. You could be in danger if the rotors do not slow down your Mazda appropriately. It's important to replace your brake rotors when you experience signs of wear and tear. Find OEM Mazda brake rotors here on our site.

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