Mazda Belts And Hoses

Car hoses and belts play a vital role in various operations within the engine, AC system, cooling system, and charging system. Timing belts, for instance, assist the crankshaft in turning the camshaft, allowing the engine's pistons and valves to move. Other belts like serpentine belts deliver power to the cooling fan, power steering pump, and AC compressor, among other parts. On the other hand, hoses connect to the power steering, AC, vacuum lines, fuel lines, heater, and radiator. For example, the radiator hose and heat hose carry your car's coolant (liquid) to and from the heater core, radiator, and engine. Even with proper maintenance and occasional repair, hoses and pipes will outlive their usefulness. Ensure that you take your Mazda to the mechanic for regular checkups. If you've noticed green liquid underneath your car, chances are that you have a problem with one of your hoses developing a leak. An overheating engine is another common symptom, and so is a low coolant warning. For belts, you might start to hear squealing or screeching noises from under the hood. All these signs can be dangerous to the health of your engine and could cause it to malfunction altogether if parts are not replaced properly. Make sure you purchase genuine factory replacement hoses and belts from us. Browse our range of OEM Mazda belts and hoses below.

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