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It's no secret that an air filter is an essential part of your Mazda. They are designed to ensure that only clean air enters your vehicle's engine during the combustion process. Since the air contains a lot of dirt, dust, and other harmful debris, the work of filters is to prevent such contaminants from gaining access to the engine. The combustion process relies on clean air and fuel for your engine to function optimally. All of the air has to go through the filtering process to remove pollutants. The level of air contamination depends on weather conditions, time of the year, and nature of the road surfaces you drive on often. An air filter is made of solid metallic meshed fabric or strong PVC material to trap all the impurities from the environment. You might need to replace your air filter if you notice that your car's performance has declined. You also might notice reduced fuel efficiency on the road. Clogged air filters can even cause your check engine light to come on if the problem becomes severe enough, as deposits can build up in your vehicle. If you've determined that it is time to replace your air filters, you can shop for original OEM air filters from our site below. We have them for a range of Mazda models.

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Part Number: A5224
Description: AIR FILTER More Info
MSRP $19.95
MSRP $19.95

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